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Conservative Voice Radio: Turmoil, Targets, and Travel


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Today’s topics:

– Travel Restriction Executive Order Ruled by Supreme Court to be Constitutional

– Maxine Waters Instigates Violent Confrontation

– Riverside County Central Committee

– Pass Area Water Plan
– Immigration Premise
– Who Targeted the Tea Party through the IRS?
– Iran’s Financial Turmoil

Why Aren’t the Republicans Fighting Harder?

Why Aren’t the Republicans Fighting Harder?

By Douglas V. Gibbs

As a public speaker, I have the opportunity to spend a lot of time with various political clubs, groups and organizations.  When it comes to the question and answer portion after my U.S. Constitution presentations, the most common question I get is, “Why don’t the Republicans fight harder?”

I tell the audience there are three possible answers.  Either, the GOP is too fearful.  The GOP is ignorant.  Or, the GOP is a part of the problem.

It may be a little bit of all of them.

Culture drives politics, and politics drives culture.  We have turned our backs on God.  We compromise to avoid being called names that end with “phobe.”   We have stood by and watched, while sitting on our couches complaining, as what was once a virtuous society became depraved, decadent, and dependent upon an oppressive federal government that is doing all it can to expand at a massive speed over the last half-dozen years.  And the thanks we get from our political and cultural opposition for abandoning Godliness is a constant beating.  But, rather than drop to our knees and pray about it, we fall for the lies, and compromise in the hopes that the enemy will like us.

The Republican Party is like a battered wife, beaten down so many times that the desire to fight back has been beaten out of them.  The continuous onslaught of political correctness, and the idiotic establishment belief that in order to win elections the Republicans have to move leftward, is making “losing” a norm for the GOP.

The people flocked to Ronald Reagan because he articulated conservative principles, and spoke the language of liberty.  The Tea Party emerged because of the anger of many Americans.  Folks of all political persuasions were sickened by the federal government’s willingness to spend their hard earned taxes into oblivion.  Taxed Enough Already (T.E.A.) then evolved, adding the Constitution to their demands, and in response the progressive left statists of the Democrat Party launched a massive attack campaign, destroying the credibility of any political figure that dared to associate with the TEA Party, and then expanded those attacks to encompass all Republicans.  To the uninformed voters that believe the propaganda, “TEA Party” and “Republican” are terms synonymous with “racism,” “bigot,” “hater,” and everything wrong about the Democrats that they can project upon their opposition.

The Republican leadership has become fearful, unwilling to stand against such attacks, and often falling for the rhetoric themselves.  The Republicans are ignorant of what the people really want, believing that the liberal left somehow has become the majority when in reality the true believers in progressivism are actually only about 14% of the population.  The Republicans have failed to win in education, the mainstream media, Hollywood, and the courts, and they believe that means all is lost.  The GOP leadership has decided the only way to survive is to compromise, and get a few morsels here and there that fall off the liberal left’s dinner table.  They lose two steps to gain a half step.  They refuse to go on the offensive and expose the radical extremism that the hard left socialists of the Democrat Party truly represent.

As all of that has been happening, the Republican Party has also been infiltrated.  The big government statists reside throughout the Grand Ol’ Party, and the propaganda of fear is very powerful inside the elephant’s bubble of Capitol Hill.  The Establishment, the leadership of the Republican Party, has become a part of the problem.  They have come to desire big government, promising to run it in a conservative manner (as if saying that is not an oxymoron), and they are willing to do anything to hang on to that power. . . including making deals with the opposition that infuriates the conservative base, and opens wider the gaping hole at the bottom of the bucket through which the most conservative of voters are slipping through.

A friend of mine, a liberal that hates statism (yes, such people exist) criticizes me for my refusal to completely capitulate.  He doesn’t understand why during the pursuit of “moderates” the “right wing” voters and the “religious right” refuse to vote in elections.  He misses the point that conservatives are not collectivists that vote party regardless of what their leaders do or say.  Conservatives and Constitutionalists are individuals with their own conscience, demanding that their political leaders remain within a certain parameter when it comes to morality, or political conservatism.  Though not voting is just like giving a vote to the Democrats, some of those frustrated defectors reason that they can’t bring themselves to vote for the GOP when the Republican candidate comes across not much different than the Democrat.  “What’s the difference?” I hear often.  “Anymore, the parties are the same.”

I don’t believe there is absolutely no difference between the two parties, but I do believe that the gap of separation between them is narrowing day by day.  As a constitutionalist, I have not taken an oath to the GOP.  My oath is to God, and the United States Constitution, and so when a candidate refuses to acknowledge or abide by the standards of either, they will not get my vote.  And to be honest, it is getting more and more difficult to vote Republican with each passing election.

I get it.  The Republican Party is our horse in the race against what is normally a slow and stubborn jackass.  We must not shoot our horse in the head, or chase after a less sure-footed horse of a third-party, because all that does is ensure we lose the race.  But that does not mean we must do nothing, or give in to our ill-tempered, kicking, biting GOP stallion no matter what.  The way to win is to learn how to train the horse, to lead it by the reins and return that horse to Godliness and the Constitution.  Feed it a sugar cube, stroke its mane, and then show the horse what we, the voters, desire.  Teach the horse, and lead the horse, back to the Constitution, not by poking the GOP leadership in the chest, screaming and yelling, and calling our Republican candidates things that in their minds confirm with them that we are the crazies the Democrats try to portray us as, but by using strategy, truth, and by having a firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence.

The reality is, we are in a war.  This is not politics as usual.  We must do more than figure out a way to get a few votes.  The entire political culture is out of whack.  We must return to the principles that led our nation to prosperity, and show our politicians it all begins with the Constitution.  James Madison said that “A well-instructed people alone can be permanently a free people.”  Understanding how the system is supposed to be in the first place, and then working to return America to that standard, is the way to return the voters that have abandoned the Republican Party back to the voting polls.  We must stand up, be loud and firm, but do it in a manner that portrays knowledge and love of country, not the hate and viciousness we see from the other side.  We are not them.  We are not about conquering, or destroying, or taking away freedoms, as the liberal left progressives are.  We are about conserving the system that has worked for over two hundred years, returning this nation to the foundation it was built upon.  We, as constitutionalists and conservatives, must fight with a goal in mind, and strategies in place.

The Constitution gives us five tools for restoring the republic.  Peaceful revolution, nullification, secession, convention, and violent revolution.  We must know how these tools, or the threat of the use of them, can be effective.  We must learn how to use these tools effectively in relation to each other, rather than set up opposing camps as we’ve seen between those that support nullification versus those that support a convention of States.  You’re both right, but it takes eternal vigilance to make sure it works, to ensure the federal government is trained and obeys our commands; and it takes hard work and working together to make sure we don’t have a runaway convention, or blood in the streets.  The question is, before we get started, “Are you up for it?”

At the end of the Declaration of Independence, the signers of the document mutually pledged their “Lives, Fortunes, and sacred Honor.”  In the Preamble of the Constitution a little more than a decade later they revealed that, yes, they fought for freedom and a system of limited government for themselves, but especially for their Posterity (Posterity in the Preamble is capitalized for the sake of emphasis).  The Founding Fathers saw it as their duty to secure the Blessings of Liberty to, yes, themselves, but especially to those Americans not yet born.  Are we willing to do the same?  Are we willing to put on the line our Lives, Fortunes and sacred Honor for our children, their children, and those not yet born?  Or are we going to do nothing, and then prepare an excuse to our grandchildren when they ask us what we did to try to preserve liberty as tyranny knocked on the door?

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Killing Liberty

Killing Liberty
“To create a tyranny, turn society against itself until it abhors the values that led to its prosperity, and then rebuild it through revolution.” — Douglas V. Gibbs

The dismantling of America is a purposeful endeavor being orchestrated by design. The statists who have taken full control of one political party, is nearing their goal of having fully infiltrated both political parties, and are committing a coup that is designed to fundamentally change the American System. Through their revolutionary coup they are challenging the concepts of the Freedom of Speech and the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. Religious institutions are under attack, and the complicit press is assisting the statists in destroying our Judeo-Christian foundation. The freedom of information, now a forgotten relic in the minds of the mainstream media, is even under assault in technology, with the federal communications commission seizing control of the internet in a recent departmental vote. As crime skyrockets, the occurrence of illegal search and seizure is also going up. Of course, the lack of due process has been with us for a while, through the IRS, and Child Protective Services. The court system has become nothing more than a rubber stamp for the statists, interpreting the law any way they desire, and using it to silence dissent.

We have betrayed, and cheapened, life with abortion and euthanasia, while poisoning the concept of equality with “fairness” and the idea of “equal outcome.” We have allowed the federal government to crush property rights from real estate to personal possessions. The statists have taken over the education of our youth, and with programs like Common Core, are dumbing down the future of America with a curriculum that is indoctrinational in nature. The entertainment industry has sold out to tyranny, and promotes, along with the politicians, class warfare, civil unrest, and the vision of a dim world. Operation Jade Helm reminds us of the Department of Homeland Security list of offenses that makes one a domestic terrorist – a definition that is, in its simplest terms, one that places any dissent to statism as being radical, defining all of those that dare to stand against the statists as being domestic terrorists. The condition of needing to deal with the constitutionalist radicals (or should we say “rebels”) has convinced the statists to work on eliminating the concept of the Freedom of Association, largely through political correctness, but the law is following obediently, as will the police state.

Benjamin Franklin said, “Only a virtuous society is capable of freedom,” so morality has been targeted. A God-fearing society places biblical standards above those of a tyrannical government, so the faith that led the nation to prosperity must be squashed. Modernism, or shall we say “humanism,” must become the religion of the day. Human Nature is easy to sway, and the citizens are easy to turn away from God, for all they need are gifts from the treasury to convince them that tyranny is in their best interest. It is the tyrant’s goal to provide everything they can in material benefits to the citizens, for if a citizen is being taken care of by a benevolent government, the citizen will welcome bondage, and turn away from the religion of his father.

The gifts are swiftly taken away through taxation, but the citizens welcome taxes because as Karl Marx explained, progressive taxation allows for a redistribution of wealth, a way to punish the rich for daring to succeed – and it is all accomplished in the name of “fairness,” “equality,” and “social justice.” In the end, the economics suffer because the takers begin to outnumber the producers, so the government is forced to print fiat money, to load the system with artificial wealth, in the hopes that bondage can survive the absence of a free market.

If any dissent remains after tyranny gains a foothold, the statist will then use mental health as an excuse to disarm, contain, and arrest any remaining rebels. The statists will do all of this with the assistance of the international community, for internationalism will also help stamp out any nation that dares to seek liberty and stand against the global understanding of a worldwide ruling elite. The citizenry will fall in line nicely, for they will be told that their bondage to government will save the planet from an environmental disaster, and a standing army policing the streets will protect them from the radicals that dare to unpatriotically stand against the political elite. So as the government takes over the means of production, redefines the family unit, and uses the village to raise the children (under the watchful eye of government minions), the people fall into a condition of slavery. But the people will relish their peace and safety, for by then, all opposition will have been silenced, and eliminated.

“The meaning of peace is the absence of opposition to socialism.” – Karl Marx

— Political Pistachio Conservative News and Commentary

Who Is the Tea Party ?

Who Is the Tea Party?

Its not what you think
Its not what you think

by Jan Reed

At best, many people have just shrugged and said, “I don’t really know” or at worst, gritted their teeth and said, “Oh, I don’t want any part of them!” When asked why, they never know the answer. Well, I can tell you the answer.

It’s simple. The power base, the Washington Elite, discovered that a groundswell movement back in 2008 was more effective than any movement since the 1960’s. But the difference between this movement and the tumultuous 60’s was not a repudiation of government, but rather it was a questioning of government actions.

Specifically, in 2008, you’ll recall that the massive Bank Bailout occurred, when we, as a country, were asked to fork over $700 Billion from our national treasury to bail out banks. There was no audit, no accounting, just the bill to the American Taxpayer. It made us take notice, to ask questions, to become alarmed about the financial health of our nation. Many of us lost between 40% and 50% of our life savings in 401K plans as the stock market plummeted that September. And I might remind those who aren’t aware of the details, it was during the last administration. Another difference between 2008 and the 1960’s was the Internet. People began blogging, checking internet sites, chatting with folks across the nation and sometimes across the backyard fence. And in this technological age, groups formed throughout the country, consisting of Independents, Democrats and Republicans, and they wanted answers from our Representatives.

I remember polling people around me at these local events, asking them their party affiliation. They were a surprising cross-section of our nation, actually forming a moderate faction. They remembered that the Boston tea party was a protest against taxation without representation. And the name caught on because essentially, this is exactly what happened. We were “Taxed Enough Already.” The Tea Party groups soon realized that the reason the government had gone awry was that the Constitution, our working Document, had been ignored during this Bailout debacle and for decades prior.

Gradually, government was becoming more bloated, less efficient, more centralized, meaning States had less power – in direct conflict with the founding of our country. D.C. had become a “club” of sorts, with powerful elites calling the shots. The people realized that our great Document began with the words “WE The People” to remind us that WE are the government. It’s not the government’s government.

In the next year, the Tea Party backed those candidates who wanted to get back to basics, the Constitution, our founding document. That was and still is the Mission Statement of the Tea Party. It also explains the big turnout in the 2010 elections, putting people in Congress who had those same goals in mind. But wait, that caused a tremor in those ruling “establishment” elites in Washington! These multi-term politicians realized that the People were taking their power. I remember seeing Town Hall meetings on You Tube with everyday folks posing questions to their representatives that they’d never heard before. This was new stuff! The people are asking what we are doing!

What to do? Denigrate the group, call them troublemakers, racists, a Republican plant by Big Business…anything to take their effectiveness from them. And in the ensuing years, many disparaging comments about the Tea Party came from both parties in Congress. Sound-bites like “They are blocking legislation…They are extremists bent on shutting down government…They want to eliminate government altogether…they want to destroy everything we are working so hard to do for the people” were heard far and wide. With the help of the mainstream media, these accusations were so effective in their denouncements, the Tea Party itself is now thought of by many as a “far-right crazy wing” of the Republican Party! The group that had originally formed from both parties and Independents, now had the People believing that their own movement was as radical as those ’60’s student movements! Those old enough to remember those demonstrations will remember that they were violent and destructive, their only goal had been the tearing down of our government. That is not the goal of the Tea Party. It wants our government to be working for its citizenry, not for the Lobbyists, or Big Business, Special Interest groups or powerful Unions.

That is why it has backed and continues to back candidates with those goals in mind. The Tea Party had started without a political thought but soon realized that it was impossible to struggle with an over-regulated government bureaucracy in our daily lives without paying attention. Politics matter. It affects our children, their children, and generations to come. So, in closing, I’d like to answer the question. The Tea Party consists of people you see every day, the lady in Walmart, the guy at the gas station, someone in your church group, your gym. We are the citizens of this country, wanting the best for our nation, wanting our government to work to keep this nation strong and as great as it has always been!