Conservative Voice Radio: Death by Liberalism

Today, Saturday, July 21, 2018, Conservative Voice Radio hammered out the issues that interest you most.  Did you miss the show at 8:00 am this morning?  No Problem, check out the podcast HERE.


8:00 am every Saturday Morning: Conservative Voice RadioKMET 1490-AM, hosted by Douglas V. Gibbs, and Glenn, Jan, and Diane of the Banning/Beaumont/Cherry Valley Tea Party.

This morning’s topics:

• Trump and Putin in Helsinki
• Marxist Infiltration
• Local Candidates
• Death of San Francisco
• Mike Pence Coming to California to Campaign for John Cox
• Members of British Parliament Resigning over Prime Minister Theresa May Abandoning BREXIT
• Judge Kavanaugh
• Obama Calls for Marxist Concept of Guaranteed Income

Your Thoughts?