Friday Trump Rally

Friday, October 28, 2016: Trump Rally at the Beaumont Ave bridge over Interstate 10. . . from 2 pm to 5 pm.
We’ve been getting 80% thumps up and lots of horns, about 20% thumbs down with a few F— Trumps.
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Once again, we are planning on meeting again at 2 pm Friday Oct 28th, Beaumont Avenue on the I-10 freeway overpass in City of Beaumont.
As an added note, Glenn Stull installed one of our two freeway signs on his pickup truck to drive around two weeks before election. It was egged with three eggs yesterday at the San Gorgonio Women’s Republican Federated meeting.  The truck was parked in front of the Farm House Restaurant in Banning around noon. One egg on the truck door and two on the Trump sign. It washed off O.K and sign still looks O.K.  Glenn said of the incident, “It’s not coming off, I don’t care if they break every window out of my truck.”

Your Thoughts?