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farmhouse1The Banning Beaumont Cherry Valley Tea Party assembles under the rights of the Constitution of the United States.  We The People hope to petition and push for changes in our leadership in order to return our nation to its Limited Constitutional Government, Fiscal  and Personal Responsibility and the Liberty and Freedoms of a thriving Nation once again! 

The Banning Beaumont Cherry Valley Tea Party is a NOT FOR                                                  PROFIT citizens group

BBCVTP Newsletter

We live in an age where a small Elite class of progressive leftists have obtained power in the United States, slowly, over many decades. Currently, our leaders are not protecting the Constitution and upholding their oath of office.  They continue working to change the United States, which is a Republic, into a socialist society with an all powerful central government. They are accomplishing this with deceit, while undermining our educational system and the moral foundation of America.

The best defense and weapon against deception and lies is the truth. Our Constitution holds these truths to be self-evident.  The vast majority of Americans agree that the natural family and marriage is the best institution to transmit the binding connection of love between generations and the education of our children. This has been supported over and over in elections throughout the United States and in California.

We will survive with the family or we will perish together as a nation. It’s an absolute fact that good and evil exist. For a nation to prosper and survive it must have a moral code based on wisdom and the experience of right and wrong. The modern Elite class believes there is no truth, that everything is relative and will use any means to gain power. Our hope for future generations is in exposing false perceptions and providing citizens with the truth about the current issues of today.  Our Constitution provides the road-map…let’s use it again!

This Tea Party was started on July 4, 2013 as a result of encouragement received from members of the Redlands Tea Party.

Glenn A. Stull, 

Banning-Beaumont-Cherry Valley Tea party