Yucaipa Votes Against S.B. 54







By Douglas V. Gibbs; Author, Speaker, Instructor, Radio Host

While an amicus brief, letter, or resolution has not been established or written, the California Inland Empire City of Yucaipa in tonight’s city council meeting moved, seconded, and approved to take a position against S.B. 54, California’s Sanctuary State law.

Tim Donnelly was there, when I couldn’t be, and recorded the critical vote.

The Democrat Party’s unconstitutional Sanctuary State Law continues to be challenged, and denied, by the cities of California.  Beaumont did it last Tuesday, as has a flurry of cities in the last few weeks (primarily in Southern California).  The Democrats have doubled down on the immigration issue, and they are losing regarding their open rebellion against the United States Constitution.  Is this enough to also turn the tide in the election, and break the Democrat Party stranglehold on the Golden State?

Could we see a move towards increasing GOP numbers in Sacramento?  Could this be the kind of momentum needed to put a Republican Governor in Sacramento?


Your Thoughts?