Conservative Voice Radio: Rise of a Civil War

Conservative Voice Radio is on at 8:00 AM on KMET 1490-AM, hosted by Douglas V. Gibbs, and co-hosted by Glenn, and Jan of the Banning-Beaumont-Cherry Valley Tea Party.  If you missed the program, listen to the archived version on our podcast page.

Today’s Topics:

  • Thought Police
    • Antifa, DSA, Communists in our midst
  • Removing and Reinstalling History
    • Global Pledge Recommended in a public school
  • S.B. 1156: Dialysis Industry
  • 91% of Hit and Run Accidents in Riverside County by Illegal Aliens
  • John McCain: End of an Era
    • Filling the Vacancy as per the 17th Amendment
  • Trump, the Economy, Trade, Iran. . . 
    • New NAFTA Deal
  • Judicial Tyranny

Your Thoughts?