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Our local group is hosting a Town Hall meeting in the Beaumont Community Center located at City Hall 550 E. Sixth Street in Beaumont on March 22nd, 2014 with Assemblyman Brian Nestande being the featured speaker of the event.

Our group has continued to meet at the BMG Mexican Restaurant in Beaumont over the last few weeks and we are getting more and more citizens interested in the conservative cause. We hope to promote more education to the people of our area and make a difference.  The progressive lift is creating a large dependent underclass of citizens in America. The left does this with high taxes creating high unemployment and also undermining our educational system.  I say underclass only in the sense they will get enough free stuff to just survive.  We are witnessing many people giving up liberty and freedom for a little security.  Our hope is to continue the wave from 2010 and see the Progressive Left voted out of office by the American people that don’t like being consigned to mediocrity.   Please come join us at the BMG Mexican Restaurant in Beaumont every Tuesday at 8 AM.

God Bless you and God Bless the United States.

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