Why can’t we talk about Politics?

Have you ever been told “we don’t discuss politics” at a gathering?  Well why not? We live politics every day in our skyrocketing healthcare costs, high fuel prices, small businesses closing in your hometown and it seems, a new regulation coming out of Washington every day!  Yes, the economy IS politics and whether we like it or not, who we vote for has a hand in our everyday lives! That’s why the Tea Party was formed.  We want a voice in our government.  We pay attention to who is running our government, what laws are shaping our lives.  It’s not about gender, skin color, ethnicity or even political party!  We know our Constitution is a roadmap to the many freedoms here in the U.S. and it’s why everyone wants to be an American! The Banning Beaumont Cherry Valley Tea Party is active in your area.  Come find out what we stand for.  You’ll find many like-minded conservatives who care about where our country’s headed.  We meet on the 2nd Thursday of the month at the Farm’s House Restaurant in Banning at 6PM and weekly for breakfast at 8 AM. Learn about what’s going on locally and nationally and feel like you can do something about it! Your voice matters!

Your Thoughts?